Welcome to my personal Website on how to transform your life to attract abundance and wealth!

My greatest desire and a life purpose is to deliver a message of Universal Law of Attraction to as many people as possible. I have for many years being living a completely ordinary life doing everyday job I should be doing without asking many questions.

It was completely normal for me to have my mood dependent on events in my life, to worry as everybody does, and of course having some dreams, which I thought would never come true.

The expected expiration of my job contract along with unexpected difficulties to find a new job became a start of big journey into awareness about life.

I realized that it is very common for people to live on autopilot and sleep-walk through their choices without realization of what choices actually available for them instead. Oftentimes we say to ourselves that something is not possible or we expect a rejection and don’t take any action AT ALL. We think about ourselves in terms of what we already have and what we THINK we can achieve and rather rarely in terms of what we desire

The revolutionizing moment was when I came across the idea that every person attracts what he or she think most of the time. What a discovery it was for me! First of all, it meant for me that my unemployment was created by myself! It was a devastating thought at a glance, but then I thought that everything what happens in our life should have a deep meaning. With this thought in mind, I started exciting journey into creating vision of what lessons can I learn and what do I REALLY DESIRE to attract.

As a first thing I decided that I will finally do what I wanted for quite while: take coach education. This attracted a great awareness and mindfulness in my life. I kept asking for a job, and when I got sick and tired for a seed of my request to grow, I DEMANDED of Universe with exactly words “Universe, I must have a job NOW!”. It was obviously very powerful demand, since literally on the next day, I was invited for a job interview. It was a job that completely answered my prayers being interesting and exciting, but the salary was not quite what I aimed for. I did not doubt for a second that it was what I created, since I NEVER asked for money!